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About HSA

    HSA History

    The HSA was established in 1988 to provide short training courses to in-service public health practitioners & professionals. The promulgation of HSA Ordinance, 2002 gave it an autonomous status. Over the years, it has established itself as the premier research & teaching institution of public health. Today, it is the only institution that offers PhD in Public Health in Pakistan. It also offers FCPS, MS in Public Health, & MEDVC, M.Sc in Health Economics & Management & a PG Cert Human Resource in Health. The Academy remains committed to strengthen the capacity of public health professionals by excellence in teaching, research, and policy advice.

    Message from the Vice Chancellor

    Prof. Dr Shahzad Ali Khan

    Vice Chancellor and Dean : Health Services Academy, Islamabad.

    The Health Services Academy (HSA) in 2018 became is the first Degree Awarding Institute (DAI) of Public Health Sciences in Pakistan. It was established as an in-service training institution in 1988 by the Ministry of Health. However, in 2002 HSA was granted status of an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Health. After the 18th amendment HSA was placed under the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination. Since its beginning HSA has been striving to excel in meeting human resources needs of Public Health. Over the years HSA has succeeded in establishing itself as an institute of higher learning and research in niche areas of New Public Health. In 1996 HSA launched its Master’s in Public Health (MPH) program to train direly needed future health managers in Pakistan. This one year degree program was upgraded into a two year Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) program in 2006. This was a key initiative of HSA to align its academic with international standards. In addition to the new two year MSPH degree program a three year Extended MSPH was launched in 2008. An Evening MSPH Programmer was introduced in 2013. In addition to Public Health degree programmers at Masters Level a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Entomology and Disease Vector Control was introduced in 2009. This was followed Master of Science degree in Medical Entomology and Disease Vector Control in the year 2012.

    In 2010 a new Master of Science in Health Economics and Management was launched. In 2012, a terminal degree program in Public Health i.e. PhD was introduced by HSA for the first time in Pakistan. Research has been accorded a high priority in HSA. The faculty and students have conducted research in different areas of Public Health. There are ongoing projects in collaboration with the university of Manitoba, Bradford, Liverpool and others…. etc. There have been numerous publications by student and faculty in the leading journals. The Pakistan Journal of Public Health is the official journal of HSA and is in the 8th year of publication. The Annual Public Health Conference has become a regular feature of the HSA and Public Health fraternity for the last 10 years. The Academy would like to thank its partners for their continued financial and technical support in academics, research and logistic needs. With the award of the DAI status the Health Services Academy is now positioned to play a pivotal role and continue its journey to become a regional centre of excellence in Public Health. The HSA endeavors to continue as a national hub of public health knowledge transfer and policy advice. I am sure that with the dedication, commitment and hard work of all the faculty, officers and staff of the Academy and continued encouragement and support of the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination, HSA would continue to lead in field of Public Health education and research in Pakistan.

    Pakistan Journal of Public Health