ICU Management

    BASIC ICU Management COURSE to train front-line doctors caring for critically ill COVID-19 patients

    Basic Assessment and Support in Critically ill patients (BASIC) is a course designed and supported by Chinese University of Hong Kong. This course is designed to train the doctors in managing critically ill patients who require mechanical ventilation and other organ support. For further details please visit

    Course Participants

    Doctors nominated by the hospitals assigned by the government to manage COVID patients. Preference should be given to

    • Doctors currently working in postgraduate programme in Anesthesia, Medical, Surgical and Allied specialties.
    • Doctors holding postgraduate qualification in above mentioned disciplines.
    • Duration of the course including self study period is 9-10 days from enrollment .

    All the course material is available online and smartphone application. Participants are required to read the course manual for 7 days; listen to E-lectures and tutorials; and complete a open book pretest. This will be followed by a 4 hour on line session for the knowledge base on the first day and a 4 hour contact session for hands on training on ventilators and airway management on the second day. Finally, they are required to pass an online post course test for certification.

    By the end of the course these doctors will be able to

    • Identify a patient who is critically ill or is likely to become critically ill if not managed rapidly.
    • Rapidly identify and correct life threatening conditions.
    • Employ appropriate monitoring tools to follow the severity of illness and response to therapies.
    • Initiate appropriate interventions to stabilise the condition of the patients.
    • Initiate mechanical ventilation and continue patient’s management under remote supervision by an expert.