Dr. Eesha Yaqoob

 Title : Assistant Professor     05 Ground Floor
Disciplines   :
Medical Sociology, Global Surgery, Public Health

  Research Areas: 
Hemophilia, Global Neurosurgery, Global Surgery, COVID-19, Trauma

            ·      PhD (Medical Sociology)

            ·      MPhil

            ·      MSc


            o   Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, HSA

            o   Adjunct Professor, Diploma of Public Health, HAS

            o   Visiting Lecturer, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

            o   Visiting Lecturer, International Islamic University, Islamabad


                         1.     Letter: Trauma Care in the Face of Climate Change in Pakistan: Preparedness, Response, and Resilience The Lancet

            2.    Letter: Global Neurosurgery: The Pakistani Perspective

            3.   Effect of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns on planned cancer surgery for 15 tumour types in 61 countries: an international, prospective, cohort study

            4.   Elective surgery system strengthening: development, measurement and validation of the surgical preparedness index across 1632 hospitals in 119 countries

            5.  Effects of preoperative isolation on post-operative pulmonary complications after elective surgery: an international prospective cohort study

            6.        Timing of Surgery Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection: An International Prospective Cohort Study

            7.        SARS-CoV-2 vaccination modelling for safe surgery to save lives: data from an international prospective cohort study.

            8.        Frequency of extradural hematoma in patients with skull fracture after head injury

            9.        SARS-CoV-2 infection and venous thromboembolism after surgery: an international prospective cohort study

            10.    Casemix, management, and mortality of patients receiving emergency   neurosurgery for traumatic brain injury in the          Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study: a prospective observational cohort study

                    11.     Nutrigenomics: Epigenetics and cancer prevention A comprehensive Review

                    12.  “Does my teacher know anything about my disease?”: A cross sectional study to know the awareness level of teachers about hemophilia in Pakistan

            13.    Public awareness and Preparedness towards Corona-Virus Pandemic in Pakistan .

            14.    Seeing COVID-19 through a Health care professional’s eye

            Adult Hemophiliacs in Pakistan: Health-Related Quality of Life and Psychological Aspects.