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    Welcome to Department of Global Health

    At Health Services Academy (HSA), our Department of Global Health is
    committed to advancing global health through education, research, and
    collaboration. We offer a variety of programs designed to equip students with the
    knowledge and skills needed to address complex global health challenges.

    Program Lead’s Message

    I am delighted to warmly welcome you as a lead of the global health academic program at the Health Services Academy. We are pleased to offer several postgraduate diplomas specializing in various areas of global health, including global health security, diplomacy and human resource management.

    The global health landscape is swiftly evolving, influenced by the profound impacts of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. In this dynamic environment, there is an urgent need for experts who can comprehend the intricate linkages between climate change, epidemics, pandemics, and cross-border determinants of diseases and their global responses. We have crafted our programs to cultivate these experts, providing them with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate global health complexities efficiently and address the challenges effectively.

    We are confident that our graduates will be well-prepared to accept challenges, mount responses, and make careers in the global health space. I am keen to engage with prospective students, policymakers and global health practitioners on a directional learning experience. Together, let us embark on a journey of learning, innovation, and meaningful contributions to the global health discourse. I am positively anticipating a successful and enriching academic journey and partnerships ahead.

    Message from the Program Coordinator

    As the Program Coordinator, I am pleased to invite you to participate in our specialized postgraduate diplomas in global health security, diplomacy, and HRH migration at the Health Services Academy, Islamabad. These two-semester diplomas, with master’s and doctoral programs in development, combine onsite and online lectures from distinguished national and international faculty. Our programs follow HEC and Pakistan Medical and Dental Council guidelines and incorporate international best practices. As a degree-awarding institute under the Ministry of National Health Services, HSA is dedicated to high-quality teaching, training, and research. This innovative program aims to broaden your understanding of global health and open doors to exciting professional opportunities at both national and international levels.


    The Health Services Academy (HSA) offers comprehensive programs in global health, including a one-year postgraduate diploma in Global Health Security, a diploma in Global Human Resources for Health (HRH) Migration, and a diploma in Global Health Diplomacy. Our programs focus on global health threats, workforce dynamics, health systems policies, and diplomacy to promote health equity and improve health outcomes worldwide. We also provide specialized training in global health financing and research to equip students with the necessary skills to address complex global health challenges effectively.

    Advancing the Concept of Global Health
    Programs Offered

    Diploma in Global health Security

    The Global Health Security Diploma focuses on: - Global health security threats- Surveillance and early warning systems- Emergency preparedness and response

    Course Goals

    • Understand the significance of health security in global health
    • Analyze factors contributing to health security threats
    • Evaluate strategies and emergency response systems for managing health security threats globally


    Medical or social sciences graduates with an interest in strengthening health systems, epidemiology, public health, and public policy

    Diploma in Global Human Resources for Health (HRH) Migration

    The HRH Migration Diploma focuses on: - Labour market dynamics in healthcare - Workforce shortages and maldistribution - Migration policies

    Course Goals

    • Understand the complexities of the labour market for health workers
    • Analyze and address health workforce shortages and maldistribution
    • Evaluate the impact of health workforce policies and interventions


    Medical or social sciences graduates with an interest in health systems, international development, or HR management.

    Diploma in Global Health Diplomacy

    The Global Health Diplomacy Diploma bridges international relations and public health, focusing on: -Navigating diplomatic channels to address global health issues - Promoting health equity and security worldwide

    Course Goals

    • Navigate diplomatic challenges in global health
    • Promote effective collaboration among nations

    Medical or social sciences graduates with an interest in strengthening health systems, epidemiology, public health, and public policy.

    Upcoming Masters in Global Health (MSGH)

    We are excited to announce the upcoming Masters in Global Health (MSGH) program. This comprehensive program is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills in global health, preparing graduates to address complex health challenges on a global scale. The MSGH program will cover topics such as global health security, global health diplomacy, global health financing, global health communicable and non-communicable diseases, advanced epidemiology, health systems strengthening, and global health research methods.

    Please note: The MSGH program will only be offered after receiving approval from the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

    Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan

    Vice Chancellor, Professor

     FFPH, PhD, FRSPH, MPH, MBA Finance, MBBS |

    Dr. Sheraz Ahmad Khan

    Associate Professor, Global Health Lead

    PhD Global Health (The University of Edinburgh), MPH, MBBS |

    Dr. Razia Fatima

    Associate Professor
    PhD Public Health (The University of Bergen, Norway)
    MSc. Epidemiology, MBBS

    Fatima Tu Zahra

    Assistant Professor, Course Coordinator

    MSPH, MHPE, BDS   |

    Dr. Hasham Akhtar

    Associate Professor

    PhD virology and immunology (Denmark), Post-Doc (Germany)  | |

    Dr. Sumbal

    Assistant Professor



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    Address: Health Services Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan