Health Population Think Tank


         Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan ( MBBS, MBA, MPH, PhD, FFPH-UK )

            MBBS King Edward Medical College

            MS in Public Health from Quaid-e-Azam University 

            FFPH (Royal College of Physicians London) 

            PhD in Management Sciences

            Dean & Vice Chancellor of Health Services Academy , Islamabad


           Dr. Shafqat Shehzad

              M.Sc Economics-QAU; M.Phil Economics-QAU, Islamabad       

              Ph.D Health Economics, University of Sussex, United Kingdom


              Health and Population Think Tank



              Dr. Ahmad Hussen Tareq

   PharmD-RIU (Gold Medalist); RPh,

   Ph.D Infectious Diseases, Nanyang Technological University,

   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

                Technical Lead 

                 Health and Population Think Tank



Focus on multi-sectoral partnerships and collaborations with aim of building healthy public health policy.


Develop health and population policies with emphasis on sustainability, evidence-based decisions, gap assessment and suggesting tangible solutions for issues of national health priority.

 Health and Population Think Tank National/International
Consultative Meetings

1. 2017

  1. Indigenous Production of Vaccines in Pakistan
  2. Social Health Protection in Pakistan
  3. Quality of Care Around the Time of Birth
  4. Human Resources in Health Sector of Pakistan
  5. Linkages and Progress on National Health Vision & SDGs

2. 2018

  1. Tuberculosis in Pakistan:
  2. Universal Health Coverage Reforms in Pakistan
  3. Health Information System, Data Quality and Integration
  4. Family Practice to Achieve Universal Healthcare Coverage

3. 2019

  1. Access to Medicine in Pakistan
  2. Polio Eradication in Pakistan: Strategies and Innovation
  3. Using Data for Effective Coverage for Public Health Programs

4. 2020

1.  COVID-19 Vaccine in Pakistan  

2.   Economic Aspects of COVID-19 in Pakistan

5. 2021

1.  COVID-19 Impact on Health Services Utilization: Focus on RMNCH

2 COVID-19 Vaccine: Policies and Strategies for Enhancing Coverage


 HPTT Annual Report:

  1. Annual Report (2017-2018)

 HPTT Short Courses

  1. Health Economics of Covid-19

 HPTT Book Project

  1. Leadership in Public Health

HPTT Internship Program

  1. First Cohort: Leadership in Public Health
  2. Internship Announcement Health and Population Think Tank

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Health & Population Think Tank

                      COVID-19 Vaccine in Pakistan

                    1. Concept Note  
                    2. Agenda
                    3. List of Participants
                    4. Summary Report
                    5. Policy Brief

                      COVID-19 Vaccine in Pakistan

                    1. Concept Note  
                    2. Agenda
                    3. List of Participants
                    4. Summary Report
                    5. Policy Brief