Dr. Ikhlaq Ahmad

Email : iqmalik786@gmail.com  |   ikhlaq.ahmad@hsa.edu.pk

Cell : +92-300-5549109




Since 2005, I have actively engaged in various research and implementation projects focused on
mental health, perinatal depression, adolescent mental health, intimate partner violence, prevention
and protection of gender based violence. I am appointed as Secretary for International Marce
Society for Perinatal Depression, South Asian chapter. Throughout my journey, I have had the
privilege of working alongside diverse teams, collaborating with experts, and contributing to the
development and implementation of evidence-based interventions. These experiences have honed
my skills in trainings, research, program design, and evaluation, empowering me to effectively
address the complex needs of individuals and communities.
Beyond my academic and professional achievements, I bring empathy, compassion, and a genuine
commitment to improving the lives of those affected by mental health issues. I firmly believe in
the power of collaboration and the importance of creating inclusive and accessible mental health
services. As I continue to advance in my career, I am eager to leverage my expertise to serve as a
catalyst for change at a regional level. Whether it be coordinating projects, capacitating individuals
through trainings, advocating for policy changes, or providing strategic guidance, I am driven to
contribute to the growth and development of public mental health initiatives.

Academic Qualification

Work Experience


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