Registrar Office

    Many universities in the world have a registrar office, and most of them have their own variations on a common theme. At Health Services Academy, Our Registrar Office is one of the central support service departments. The Registrar provides support for the academic as well as administrative purposes of the University with a range of services that is known as administration. At Health Services Academy, this administration stretches from support for the recruitment, placement and development of University’s teaching and administrative staff, admission of students, through record-keeping for most of the activities of current students, to award ceremonies and careers advice; it also includes support for systems and processes which underpin academic administration, for the structures of academic programs, and for records management within the University. This office is headed by the Registrar, who reports to the University’s Vice Chancellor.

    What Standards does the Registrar Office seek to Apply?

    We aim to provide a committed, professional service which will be recognized as exemplary by its users, behaving in an approachable and courteous way, being well-informed in the present and aware of developments to come, seeking always to address the heart of the matter with integrity and honesty, and giving accurate information and consistent, fair advice.
    We aim to promote simplicity and openness, reflecting on our practice and engaging in constructive criticism to encourage continuous improvement, and using technologies appropriately to achieve our objectives effectively.
    We aim to foster a spirit of team working, valuing open communication and all constructive contributions, and respecting all participants as individuals.

    Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khan

    Health Services Academy, Islamabad