Senate of HSA

Senate Of Health Services Academy

The Senate has the power of general supervision over the academy and shall hold the Vice-Chancellor and the Authorities accountable for all the functions of the HSA . The Senate has all powers of the HSA , not expressly vested in an Authority or officer by the Health Services Academy (restructuring) act, 2018 and all other powers not expressly mentioned by the act that are necessary for the performance of its functions .

Chancellor In Chair Ex- Officio
Vice Chancellor In Chair HSA
Additional Secretary, M/o National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, Islamabad. Member Ex- Officio
Additional Secretary, M/o Federal Educational & Professional Training Islamabad. Member Ex- Officio
Additional Secretary, M/o Climate Change, Islamabad. Member Ex- Officio
Director General, Accreditation and Attestation (HEC) Member  
Dr. Hafiz Shahid Lateef Member  
Dr. Umme Sughra Member  
Registrar Secretary HSA