Health Services Academy has a long history of promoting public health in Pakistan. It offers a large number
of educational and training programme to students in Pakistan and other countries. 

HSA has started Online short courses to provide students with an opportunity to access world-class education
and training at a pace that suits their work and personal life. These courses are important for Continued Professional Development (CPD) and help in capacity building and improving skills and knowledge base.

These courses are heavily subsidized to help students and professionals who would not have ordinarily been
able to afford such training opportunities. This is part of HSA pledge to support underprivileged communities 
in trainings and to educate public health professionals from these areas in order to improve health outcomes
of these communities.

Subsidized and hugely reduced rates are offered to enable most of the professionals for seeking admissions in these courses.





  •        Healthcare Quality Management                  (10 Days)                                              (Rs :  10,000/-)

  •        Healthcare Financing                                    (10 Days)                                                        (Rs :  10,000/-)   

  •        Health Systems Managements                       (5 Days)                                                (Rs :  5,000/-)
  •        Healthcare Marketing                                 (12 Days)                                                   (Rs :  12,000/- )


  •  Community Retail Pharmacy Business Management            (15 Days)                                            (Rs :  15,000/-)

  •   Hospital Pharmacy Business Management                          (15 Days)                                            (Rs :  15,000/-)

  •   Pharma QC and QA Management                                         (15 Days)                                            (Rs :  15,000/-)
  •   Pharma, Neutra, Herbal Regulatory Management                (15 Days)                                            (Rs :  15,000/-)

  •   Certified Innovation Leader (CIL)                                                 (15 Days)                                            (Rs :  15,000/-)
  •  Industrial Pharmacy Management                           (15 Days)                                    (Rs :  15,000/-)
  •  Pharma, Neutra, Herbal Distribution Management              (15 Days)                                     (Rs :  15,000/-)
  •  Certified Entrepreneur PHARMACIST                                          (15 Days)                                                 (Rs :  15,000/-)

D-Sign Short Courses and Diploma :

CPD Courses:


  • All Courses will be taught online.
  • Applications will be collected Online
  • A Feedback email regarding submission of fee will be sent to the student after confirmation of Admission Form.
  • Student will be required to submit online fee in designated account accordingly.
  • Calendar and Schedule of Courses will be available shortly.
  • For details Call 051-9255592-96 or email at with subject line “Short Courses” or “Diploma”