Violence, Injury Prevention & Disability Unit (VIPD)

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    The Violence Injury Prevention and Disability Unit (VIPD) at the Health Services Academy
    Islamabad has been established to address the issues of violence, injury prevention, and
    disability under the directives of the Health Services Academy.

    Trauma is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) disproportionately affected. In Pakistan, trauma-related injuries are a major public health concern, with road traffic accidents, falls, and violence being the leading causes of trauma.


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    We aspire to become a leading national and global center for research and intervention in violence prevention, injury mitigation, and disability management within the public health domain.

    Our goal is to lead the public health sector in comprehensive research, innovation, and intervention techniques that reduce violence, prevent injuries, and advance disability-inclusive practices. We hope to create new knowledge, encourage creativity, and support evidence- based practices and policies both domestically and globally.

    1. To conduct high-quality research aimed at understanding the root causes of violence, injuries, and disabilities, and developing effective prevention and intervention strategies.
    2.  To promote a culture of innovation, creativity, and collaboration to address the challenges posed by violence, injuries, and disabilities.
    3. To enhance the capacity of HSA faculty and students to engage in research, advocacy, and intervention initiatives related to violence prevention, injury mitigation, and disability management.
    4. To establish partnerships and collaborations with governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and communities to promote the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices in violence prevention, injury management, and disability inclusion.
    • Empowering individuals and communities to advocate for their rights and participate in violence, injury prevention, and disability inclusion efforts
    • Demonstrating empathy and understanding towards those affected by violence, injuries, and disabilities, and striving to provide holistic support and care.
    •  Embracing creativity and innovation in developing solutions to address the complex challenges of violence, injuries, and disabilities.

    Coming Soon

    The Fellowship in Trauma Research at the Violence Injury Prevention and Disability Unit
    (VIPD Unit) is a dynamic 6-month online program designed to provide public health experts,
    medical doctors and surgical practitioners with an intensive research experience especially
    focused on Trauma and Emergency care.

    This condensed fellowship aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to engage in impactful surgical research in this specialized field, all within the convenience of an online learning environment.

    To Apply click on the link below

    VIPD Team:

    Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan

    Patron in Chief PhD, FFPH, FRSPH, MPH, MBA Finance, MBBS Vice Chancellor, Health Services Academy, MoNHSR&C

    Dr. Eesha Yaqoob

    Head of the Unit PhD, MPhil, MSPH Assistant Professor, Health Services Academy, MoNHSR&C

    Prof. Dr . Babar Shaikh

    Professor MBBS,MBA, MPH, PhD, FRCP (EDin), FRSPH)

    Dr. Saad Javed

    Senior Research Fellow (MBBS, MS (Neurosurgery)

    Dr. Ahmed Abdullah

    Associate Professor PhD, CHPE, MCPS, MPH, MBBS


    Health Services Academy

    PM's National Health Complex, Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad